Become the best version of yourself today.

Have you ever thought that you are not where you want to be?
That you haven’t spread your wings yet ?
And that if you haven’t, it’s really up to you and no one else ?

Have you ever seen yourself in the starting blocks ? With the feeling that the gun has been shot, and that you haven’t got started ? That time is running out. That you never manage to be in the right place at the right time?

Have you ever had that anxious feeling that you are missing out, that life is somehow happening without you? Of being there, but not fully there ?

So if your life is ok, but not extraordinary;
If doing great things, having great dreams, scares you;
If you are afraid to step out, to distinguish yourself;
If you’re a people pleaser, if you rationalize, if you conform;
If you are submitting to your problems : money, success, love;
If you don’t like to disturb, to cause pain, to say what you really think;
If you have a whole arsenal of social parades to protect you from the world;
If you want more, but find it hard to admit it and talk about it;
If you have a good relationship with yourself, but nothing more…

Then I guarantee that all of this can be behind you in 5 weeks.

I don’t sell dreams, I sell results.
In 20 years of coaching, I’ve always had results. Always. With everyone.

And now, are you ready to unleash the power within you ?
30 minutes free of charge. Let’s see if you’re ready.

What’s going to happen :

  • Develop a level of self-confidence that you have never felt before.
    Experience a serenity, an inner strength that you never thought you had.
  • Take control of your life and events.
  • Get fast, definitive results.
  • Experience what it means to be in command.
  • Be at the center of your professional environment.
  • Impact the world, and enjoy the professional and financial success that comes from it.

Walk the walk : no “concepts”, no tricks, no gimmicks. A joyful and powerful transformative experience. You will finally experience what it is like to live in harmony with your potential.

“He who tastes knows, he who does not taste, does not know”.

Sufi Proverb

And concretely, how does it work ?

5 coaching sessions of 1h15 over 5 weeks,
with specific exercises to do during the week.
With all my consideration, but no complacency.

Max Hayter - Coaching et formation

The Process

Session 1 :

We identify your personal and/or professional goals together.
We look at :
– why you want what you want
– why and how you haven’t been getting the results you wanted.

You tell me what really makes you happy, and you’ll put your finger on what makes you strong (it is not always what you imagine!).
We’ll identify your blocks and limiting beliefs : you have a lot of them, so we start with the most obvious ones, and we will uncover the most hidden ones as we go along.
I explain the exercises/techniques I want you to try during the week.

Session 2 :

You start by telling me how the work I asked you to do went :
– how did you feel
– what results did you get
– what have you understood.

We’ll explore your personal storytelling : the events in your life that are meaningful to you and the positive and negative consequences that have followed.
I’ll explain to you the difference between your secondary personality, which is the result of circumstances you have experienced, and your inner being, where your power resides.
I’ll explain what I want you to do during the week. You’ll begin experimenting a simple technique of self-observation.

Session 3 :

You’ll tell me what you learned during the week, what undeniable results you’ve achieved.
We’ll focus on your professional storytelling. You will understand:
– what others think of you.
– why they behave the way they do.
We will analyze their strategies to ensure that you are always at least one or two steps ahead.
You will develop an effective business strategy that is in line with your core values,
becoming a must professionally.
We’ll look together at what you have implemented during the week. You will begin to explore the joy of acting, the power of getting results in a fun way.

Session 4 :

So, how did you feel?
– What did you see?
– What did you experience?
– Did you have fun ?
– Did you take things too seriously?

By Session 4, you’ll start becoming a radical 😁. At this point, you are taking yourself seriously. This means knowing when you adapt, and when you don’t.
You will integrate what it is to be truly responsible for your choices, your emotions, your work, your aspirations. You’ll experience simplicity and the joy of being fully in tune with yourself.
You will physically understand what it means to be free.
You will understand that there is no compromise on the subject.

Now you can start moving mountains.

Session 5 :

What happened this week?
– What feedbacks have you been receiving?
– What risk did you take?
– What did you say that you would never have said before?

We’ll go over the results that have sprung from the changes you’ve integrated.
We are going to look ahead to what comes next. I will tell you what to expect and the points to watch out for.
This is a session where we will look at the journey objectively, and I will help you fix the results you have achieved.
We will re-evaluate the goals from the first session, to make sure they have all been met and exceeded. You will set new goals without asking yourself if they will ever be met, but when.

It is up to you to determine your destiny. Act now !

If you are looking for a powerful transformative experience with a guarantee of results, you are in the right place.

But if you lack ambition, if you are not thirsty, I am not the right person for you, even though I truly wish you the best.

If you don’t have an unreasonable dream, or powerful goals, I don’t think I can help you. That’s the entry ticket. Everyone wants to win the lottery, but no one wants to buy a lottery ticket. Not everyone has the stomach for a life of quest, adventure, discovery and wonder. That’s not a problem.

This coaching is for those who want to act, not for those who want to be mere spectators.

If you are looking for concepts, “intellectual understanding”, excuses for your lack of results, this is not for you.

But if it’s the truth that drives you, if it’s learning by doing that appeals to you, if you have the courage to trust and ask for help, I can tell you that you will not be disappointed in the journey and the results you’ll get. Here and now, you have an opportunity for powerful change. Come on, it’s time to take a leap.

Diving in ?