“In our professional careers, we all have the opportunity to attend several trainings or seminars. Max is one of the trainers who make a difference in a career. His ability to listen, his knowledge of our responsibilities and the clarity of the key messages transmitted, allowed us to capitalize on the time shared in the proposed training. Max is unforgettable !”

Médéric GourbeauPresident CERFRANCE Poitou-Charente

“Max is a colorful coach! Totally invested in the objective set (pitching an idea in 3 minutes in my case), he pushes us to the limit to get the best out of ourselves. The criticisms are always fair and benevolent. In a very short time, we progress a lot thanks to his method centered on the human. I recommend him to you!”

Laurent PasquierFounder of Entre Parties Prenantes - Co-founder of C'est qui le Patron ?

“To live a collective or individual experience with Max is inevitably a rich and unforgettable moment. His great awareness, his concern to provide the best response to each situation at all times make him a person of great confidence and a sure value.
I had the chance to live several experiences in group and solo, which enriched and grew me each time. Joy of life and great professionalism are two important traits of Max. I look forward to new adventures.”


“First contact with a coach for me in the context of a pitch. And what a contact! Max made me think about many aspects that I had never thought about before. He took the time to listen to me (to analyze me most certainly) to better advise me both for my pitch but it quickly drifted on many aspects of my life. I can only recommend him to you. Go for it!”

Serge ZakaScientific expert, doctor-researcher in agroclimatology at ITK, photographer

“Max, a sensitivity at the service of altruism. Max made me take a step in my life, a "step" in the sense of the one that awaits you in a climbing path to reach the next level of difficulty. He is an invitation to courage, to the courage to be.

François PinonLegal Director ACCOR Group

“Max has allowed me to develop my oratory skills, all with an identified and reproducible method that will serve me throughout my life. I felt that he does not only want to succeed, but that it is a real commitment for the human being that he proposes. Undeniable skills, a strong personality, an appetite for discovering others, a definite will to succeed, not to mention the pleasure of working with him! I recommend Max!”

Thibaut RiedelR&D Engineer

“The pitch exercise appeared to me as a challenge! Between stress and the desire to throw oneself into it, Max succeeded in framing my presentation by setting the right milestones at the right time! I can't wait to go back!”

Romuald CarrougeAgri-Reporter and Project Leader

“In the various events and forums where I was able to observe Max working as a coach, I was able to see how much he freed the inhibitions of the speakers, including those who had a block on the idea of speaking in public. Beyond the simple gestures, the public speaking and the scansion of the text specific to his past as an actor, Max allows the speakers to live their words beyond the conventional formulas. And he does that wonderfully in english, his motherly tongue, not mine, reason why I wrote the recommendation in French but english speakers you'll be more than well taken care of !”

Vincent EdinAuthor and journalist

“How do I feel about working with Max? I was pushed, challenged but above all accompanied by a professional who was attentive to who I am and what I want. A professional who guesses you with finesse and kindness and brings out your uniqueness. A true ally in your transformation and your goals.”

Séverine LarrouyConsultant, Trainer, Sustainable Project Coaching

“I learned a lot with Max. He allowed me to overcome my fears and blockages, he guided me, encouraged and supported me. Everything was conducted with kindness, benevolence, dynamism and professionalism. He put his heart and soul into it in a way that others would not have done. He is a committed and engaging coach that I recommend with my eyes closed.”

Albert ButetAssociate Director at Terre-écos & Vice-president of Syrpa

“"He's crazy, this Max! That was my first impression when I listened to him. But we have to admit that "this Max is very good": he never gives up and the results are really there!”

Hermine Chombart de LauweGeneral Delegate of the National Council for Food Resilience

“Max Hayter, I am a fan. He is a hard-hitting, effective, direct, incisive coach who remains eminently positive. He doesn't bring out the best in you, he brings out YOU. This is too rare and precious.”

Barbara GrossSCI Manager

“When the analysis of professional practice becomes the ground for free expression of speech.
Max Hayter guides each employee on the path to letting go and realizing that change is first and foremost an individual matter.
This is a rich experience for each of the participants, with the corollary that the collective finds its source and therefore its strength in the capacity of each person to question themselves.
The only power we have is over ourselves. Thank you Max Hayter for this excellent work which offers another view to the medical-social teams!”

Achour SaléhaDirector Gapas

“I had the pleasure of asking Max for individual coaching before an important event. His methodology is so efficient that in only 3 sessions, I was able to appropriate his techniques. The result was a total success on the big day. Thank you Max.”

Haye LaurentPresident CERFRANCE Normandie

Are you tempted too ?