Max Hayter

Show your true colors !

I have been an actor for 25 years. Being an actor is the most exhilarating journey there is. Nothing has scared me so much, and nothing has taught me so much.

Being an actor means experiencing vulnerability in a concrete way. It is complicated to share with others what it feels like to expose your intimacy to hundreds of people. It’s extremely difficult, and that’s why so few of us do it. Many actors hide behind “tricks”, techniques, various and varied know-how (same thing with coaches), in order to try to “control” what will happen. They choose mechanical programming over uncertainty.

One of my acting coaches used to tell me: “People watch movies because there is more truth in films than in their lives”. I don’t know if that’s entirely true, but it’s partly true. The characters in films have to confront their problem. Something people avoid doing in their lives, with all the consequences that come with it. It’s show business, not show up. If you hide, it shows up like the nose on your face.

If you don't see my soul on the screen, then there is no film.


The work of the actor is a work on authenticity, the power of truth. That’s why I’ve devoted 25 years of my professional life to it. For me, being an actor means having the courage to show everything. It’s a powerful learning process. You have to give everything you have and there are no public holidays. You can’t say to the audience : “Today I’m not feeling very well. I’m having a bad day”. You have to let go, and reveal that inner “soul” that Al Pacino talks about.

It’s a school of humility (you start from scratch with each new project), of self-knowledge (it’s about knowing yourself in an almost scientific way, because you are your work tool), of commitment (you have to believe in what you are doing with all your strength), of adaptability (trusting your instinct, your intuition) and of strategy (“managing” your partners, the director, the technicians, the audience’s expectations, etc…)

And sometimes it doesn’t go so well, and there is no safety net. The feedback is instant and rough. But one learns a lot.

I’ll look at you, I’ll listen to you, I’ll value you. You need to be seen, you need to be listened to and loved with care, but with professionalism. And your progress will be mind blowing.

All your strategies, all your tricks wont work with me. I deal with reality head on. I do not negotiate with it.

I will work with you because I want you to succeed. So that nothing will ever be the same again.

How can I help you ?

You will understand exactly what is preventing you from being the person you should be. I care for people. I want to see them great, beautiful, magnificent, brave, remarkable.

I will get you to believe in yourself, to tap into your potential.

I will be honest with you (and kind) but you must be honest with me. No compromising with the truth, that’s the key to success. And I want you to succeed !

You’re not ready ? You never will be.
Would the hero still be the hero if he wasn’t afraid ?
It’s time to make that uncomfortable, life-changing decision.
I believe in you and I guarantee that the results will be spectacular. So treat yourself for once.