Break the glass ceiling in 5 weeks

Maximise your potential 

Are you living an exciting life, full of joy, adventure, promise and discovery ? Have you experienced your full potential in your career ? Are you connected to your intuition, your instinct, your dreams ? Are you so passionate about what you do that nothing can stop you ? Do you feel that you were born to do what you do? If I asked you to describe yourself, would you tell me that you are tall, beautiful, powerful, bright? Yes ? No ? Is it complicated ?

Or maybe… “It’s not that easy”.

It’s easy, but you spend your time making other people happy, not taking yourself seriously.
As if you were an extra in your own film, instead of being the lead.

You want to break the glass ceiling, you want to be successful (and you deserve it), but have you really given yourself the means to do so ?

Become the person you’ve always wanted to be, without compromise and without apologizing.


to be joyful and confident


to act and transform


for who you are


The impossible dream

I’ve always been moved by the song “The Impossible Dream”. I’ve had no choice but to respect this inner fire within me, which pushes me to learn, to love, to understand relentlessly. I became a filmmaker, an actor, a drama teacher and now a coach. I have experimented, I have lost myself, I have failed, I have risen very high and fallen very low. But always with this thirst to be myself, to be true and to be free. In spite of the fear, or maybe because of it, I take action. That’s how I transformed myself. What took me 25 years, you can do in a few weeks, with lightness, fun and without unnecessary questioning.

“Max, a sensitivity at the service of altruism. Max made me take a step in my life, a "step" in the sense of the one that awaits you in a climbing path to reach the next level of difficulty. He is an invitation to courage, to the courage to be.”

François PinonLegal Director ACCOR Group

“Max has allowed me to develop my oratory skills, all with an identified and reproducible method that will serve me throughout my life. I felt that he does not only want to succeed, but that it is a real commitment for the human being that he proposes. Undeniable skills, a strong personality, an appetite for discovering others, a definite will to succeed, not to mention the pleasure of working with him! I recommend Max !”

Thibaut RiedelR&D Engineer

Welcome (Go ahead, you’re ready)